About Us

About Us

Our company was established in 2003, starting with outsourced cleaning services to various establishments such as commercial, offices and industrial areas.

Our capabilities include marble polishing, carpet shampooing, external window cleaning and stewarding.

As part of the company’s business strategy, we set new standards within cleaning services by offering efficient and flexible cleaning solutions.

All of our solutions are based on each individual customer’s needs and wishes. We are constantly developing new methods, tools and materials, which help improve the cleaning as well as the working conditions of our employees while minimising any negative effects on the environment.


To achieve outstanding results exceeding our customers’ requirements by providing customised and feasible solution.


To be a one-stop solution to the cleaning industry, to strive hard to promote mutual growth and best interests of our customers.


Our company consists of Locals, Malaysians and Chinese PRC cleaners and supervisors. Our staffs are central to ensuring we serve our clients better. Our hand-on, ongoing staff training program ensures that our team is trained to the highest standards. We place a high priority on workplace safety and integrate occupational health & safety into all aspects of our training.


(1A). Work-At-Heights course for Supervisors

(1B). WSQ Supervise Service Operations

(1C). WSQ Demonstrate Understanding of the Local Cleaning Industry Environment

(1D). WSQ Demonstrate and Apply Understanding cleaning methods and process

(1E). Facilities Management and Maintenance

(1F). Safety Management Certification System for Small & Medium Construction Firms

(1G). Basic Concept in Construction Productivity Enhancement

(2A). Contract cleaning specification

(2B). Chemical & disinfectant

(2C). Machinery & equipment

(2D). Procedures for office & high rise building cleaning.

(2E). Procedures for factory cleaning

(2F). Health & safety

(2G). Floor care maintenance

(2H). Cross infection control

(2I). Bacteria & structure

(2J). Carpet maintenance

(2K). Toilet & sanitary appliances

(2L). Funiture & Fitting

(2M). General cleaning

(2N). Glass window


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